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April, 1957

Source: Idaho Chess Quarterly, April, 1957 Games in this issue

The official publication of the Idaho Chess Association.


Bob Campbell
708 11th St.
Rupert, Idaho

Editor & Treasurer

Dick Vandenburg
913 N. 22nd St.
Boise, Idaho

Games Editor

Eugene L. Cowan
Box 431
Driggs, Idaho


R.K. Hart
Box 344
Pocatello, Idaho

Sterling Vaughn
1187 Morningside Dr.
Twin Falls, Idaho

Roy Parker
Box 137
Nampa, Idaho

Where to play chess!

Boise -- meets 8:00 Wednesday nights at Y.M.C.A. building.

Nampa -- meets 8:00 Thursday nights at Lakeview Parkhouse.

Rupert -- meets 8:00 Wednesday nights at Chamber of Commerce Office.

Twin Falls -- meets 8:00 Thursday nights at Rogerson Hotel.

Pocatello -- meets Wednesday nights at Student Union Building of Idaho State College.

Others -- clubs are starting in Idaho Falls and Glenns Ferry and players are scattered individually all over the state. For information on any town, contact the Editor.

Events during the next Quarter!

Nevada State Tournament -- in Las Vegas, April 19, 20, 21.

Montana State Tournament -- in Butte, May 4, 5.

Utah-Idaho Match -- in Pocatello, June 1, 2.



Winter chess activity was highlighted by the annual Idaho State Tournament held in Boise on February 15, 16, and 17. The tournament attracted only a modest field this year but was very successful in the minds of the participants.

First place went to K.R. Jones of Reno who had a 5-1 record -- losing only to second place Glen Buckendorf (4½-1½). Glen repeated as our State Champion and played excellent chess as us usual. Ken Jones now has won 2/3 of the intermountain "triple crown". He has won the Utah and Idaho tournaments and this weekend tries for his own Nevada championship -- probably the toughest of the three.

The last round was a thriller with Buckendorf playing C.H. Stewart for the title. Stewart needed a win to make State Champion but the game ended in a draw (much to Glen's delight). Their game is printed in the games section of this Quarterly. Buckendorf took possession of the beautiful new perpetual trophy donated by Mr. Stewart and is entitled to keep it until defeated. The complete story of the results of the tournament is below:

1. K.R. Jones, Reno -- won from Smith, Vandenburg, Stewart, Byron, Groenig; lost to Buckendorf. 5-1

2. Glen Buckendorf, Buhl -- won from Campbell, Thompson, Vandenburg, Jones; lost to Byron; drew with Stewart. 4½-1½

3. Fred Byron, Portland -- won from Blair, Buckendorf, Taber, Smith; lost to Jones, Groenig. 4-2

4. C.H. Stewart, Boise -- won from Cosho, Kimpton, Campbell; lost to Jones; drew with Taber, Buckendorf. 4-2

5. Dr. David Groenig, Caldwell -- won from Harle, Smith, Byron; lost to Jones; drew with Taber, Kimpton. 4-2

6. Dick Vandenburg, Boise -- won from Rasor, Blair, Thompson, Taber; lost to Jones, Buckendorf. 4-2

7. Lloyd Kimpton, Twin Falls -- won from Flowers, Harle, Thompson; lost to Stewart, Taber; drew with Groenig. 3½-2½

8. William F. Taber, Reno -- won from Thompson, Kimpton; lost to Byron, Vandenburg; drew with Groenig, Stewart. 3-3

9. Bob Campbell, Rupert, 3-3

10. R.A. Smith, Reno, 3-3

11. Horton F. Thompson, Kendrick, 2-4

12. Dean Blair, Buhl, 2-4

13. John Cosho, Boise, 2-4

14. Albert Harle, Boise, 2-4

15. George Rasor, Boise, 1-5

16. Dorn Flowers, Rupert, 1-5

At the banquet following the Tournament the annual election of officers was held and Bob Campbell of Rupert was elected President. Dick Vandenburg of Boise was named Editor and Treasurer, and committeemen are R.K. Hart, Pocatello; Sterling Vaughn, Twin Falls; and Roy Parker, Nampa. In accepting the nomination Bob pledged an active State Association for 1957-58 and those present pledged their full support for the activities during the next year.

The Tournament had may funny spots along the way. Dr. Groenig was heard to remark during his game with Fred Byron, "Aw Fred, give me a break"! Fred must have decided to because "the Doc" beat him with a forced mate after being behind the whole game!

The whole Y.M.C.A. almost collapsed when players took a look at the following position in the Horton Thompson vs. Bob Campbell game.

Bob was playing black and it was his move so he played 37...N-Q5ch (what else?) (the rook pinned the protected pawn). Horton played 38. K-N3 so Bob "put the game on ice?" with 38...NxR!? Then came the fantastic finish: 39. P-R4ch K-R4; 40. N-B6 Mate! There must be a moral somewhere. Most of the prostrate "post-mortermers" decided the best move was P-B5ch instead of (and then) NxR.


The two finalists in the State Team Tournament, Pocatello, and Boise, played a very interesting and enjoyable match at Rupert late in January. The Rupert Club played host to the event and really did a bang up job. Boise won the match 8-6 but the issue was in doubt up to the very end when two key games turned for the victors. Boise now has custody of the traveling trophy and it will be up to all clubs to try and take it away next fall. The results in detail are:

1.John Cosho½-½1.Bryant Hansen½-½
2.Dick Vandenburg½-12.Mel Schubert½-0
3.C.H. Stewart1-13.R.K. Hart0-0
4.Jim Bergen1-½4.Paul Healy0-½
5.Nick Skirmants1-05.John Anderson0-1
6.George Rasor0-06.Charles Barnstein1-1
7.Norman Lee0-17.Guenter Koeler1-0

A total of 37 players took part in the entire team tournament schedule! This is really good representation and makes this tournament a must on our future calendars.


The State treasury dropped to a minus balance during the 1956-57 chess year, the chief reasons being this Quarterly and the expanded State activities. To offset these new expenses it was decided, at the State Tournament, to assess each club, as a membership fee to the State Association, $10 per year. There are currently five clubs participating in State activities so the amount to be received should be adequate. To date, $10 has been received from the Boise Club and $5 from the Nampa Club. Other clubs are urged to send their money to the Treasurer (Editor) as soon as possible. The following is an accounting of the past year's outlays:

Balance on hand at beginning of year $38.00
Entrance fees to State Tournament, banquet fees for guests, and cash donation99.25 
Received for cost of perpetual trophy18.91$156.16
Banquet and tips$40.00 
Trophies and engraving58.81 
Books as tournament prizes29.89 
Telephone (in connection with Utah-Idaho match)12.98 
Quarterly expenses19.45161.13
DEFICIT ($4.97)


An important business meeting was held Saturday night during the State Tournament and many additions and changes were made in the outline of future activities. The major decision made was to have two tournaments this coming year rather than one as held previously. One will be open only to Idaho players and the other will be open to out-of-state players in addition.

State Closed Tournament

In response to the wishes of a majority of Idaho's players for an all-Idaho weekend tournament, it was decided to hold a "closed" tournament during January, 1958. This tournament will probably be held January 11-12. It will be a five round, two day affair divided into two classes of play (Class A and Class B).

Since it is only a two day meet, many players will participate who haven't been able to in the past for time reasons. The first game will probably start at 10:00 Saturday morning so most players won't have to leave home before that day. There will be two playing classes so more inexperienced players can take part without knowledge of certain defeat. Trophies will be awarded for the winners of each class. The State Championship will be decided at this event rather than in the "open".

The tournament will be held in Rupert and it is hoped that the entry list will exceed 30 players. Plan now to attend!! It should be an excellent event.

State Open Tournament

We will hold our traditional "open" tournament in early March but it will be changed in form. The tournament will be U.S.C.F. rated (all entrants must be members of the U.S.C.F. or join) for the first time and will be expanded to include players from all our bordering states -- Utah, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Wyoming. Competition in this tournament will be excellent and it will provide us with an opportunity to compete with our out-of-state chess friends.

Other Business Meeting Results

The 1957 Utah-Idaho match will be held in Pocatello on June 1 and 2. One game is played on Saturday night and another Sunday morning. Those interested in playing should contact their nearest State officer.

The officers of the State Association were changed to include a President, Editor and Treasurer, and three committeemen so that all districts will be represented.

The perpetual trophy for the State Championship will go to the first player to win it three times. If no one wins it three times when it is filled with names, the last person to win it twice will be able to keep it.



Boise held an election of officers for 1957 and John Cosho was elected President to succeed C.H. Stewart. George Rasor was elected Secretary-Treasurer to succeed Dick Vandenburg.

A Round Robin Boise City Tournament was held during the winter months. The Class A section played to a three-way tie for first between John Cosho, C.H. Stewart, and Dick Vandenburg, who each had 7-2 records. The three players entered a single round robin play-off which also ended in a tie. Another attempt at breaking the deadlock will start this week.

The Class B division was won by Jim Bergen who had a 5½-3½ record. Nick Skirmants was second, 5-4; Louis Cosho was third, 4½-4½; George Rasor was fourth, 3½-5½ and Norman Lee took fifth, 3-6.

(Canyon County)

The Canyon County club has been holding a winter City Tournament with A.B. Ellis and Dr. David Groenig fighting for the honors. Their first encounter ended in a draw but in their second, Dr. Groenig won and he is now ahead in the all important loss column. The totals of the leaders are: A.B. Ellis, 14½-1½; Dr. David Groenig, 10½-½. Jerry Stanke, E.H. Horstman and Roy Parker follow the two leaders.

Officers elected for 1957 are Dr. David Groenig, President, and A.B. Ellis, Vice President. Roy Parker was re-elected Secretary-Treasurer.


Rupert completed its Round Robin Tournament and Darrell Freeman emerged victor with a 9-1 record. In gaining his victory Darrell had to beat several top players such as Bob Campbell, Larry Walton, Charles Falk, etc. Other top placers were Charles Falk, 8½-1½ Bob Campbell, 6-4; Larry Walton, 6-4; I.B. Pattie, 5-5; Charles Stevens, 5-5; and Sam Osgood, 5-5.

Dorn Flowers is top man currently on the club's ladder with 745 points. Darrell Freeman is second, 689; Bob Campbell third, 667; Charles Falk fourth, 647; and I.B. Pattie fifth, 588.

Kermit Bird of Moscow was a visitor at the Rupert Club on April 4. Everyone enjoyed having Kermit attend the session and after several fast rounds, he went away with more wins than he had losses.


No reports have been received from either Pocatello or Twin Falls. A new club has been started in Idaho Falls under the leadership of R.W. Haynes, Rt. 4. However, no report has been received from him as yet. There is also a club going in Glenns Ferry and it is being contacted.



The annual Montana Open, a two class affair, will be held in Butte at the Y.M.C.A. on May 4-5. Registration will start at 12:00 Saturday noon and play will begin at 2:00. The event will be a five round Swiss.

Eastern Idaho players are close enough to consider attending. If interested, contact Herbert A. Wendel, 2912 State., Butte. A contingent is considering going from the Boise area and anyone who would like to join the group from anywhere in Southern Idaho should contact the Editor. If the tour develops, the group will probably traverse Southern Idaho to Idaho Falls and then go on to Butte. Players could be picked up along the way.


The fabulous annual Nevada State Tournament is being held this weekend, April 18, 19, and 20, in Las Vegas at the Fremont Hotel. Players from Utah, Idaho, Colorado, and Wyoming are invited as are a number of players from California. The tournament is always exceptional and the play superlative.

Sammy Reshevsky visited Reno and gathered a 27½-1½ score. He was beaten by Dr. N.B. Joseph and drawn by Ray Smith!

Reno held a Round Robin City Tournament and Ted Pathakis emerged as victor. He scored an amazing 14½-½ being drawn only by Bill Taber. Those placing behind him were Taber, Laverl Kimpton, Ken Jones, Ray Wheeler, Ray Smith, and Bill McCabe.


In the annual Salt Lake City Tournament (a five round Swiss) Farrell Clark and Sam Teitelbaum tied for first with a 4-1 record. Stan Hunt was second, 3½-1½. 14 yar old Richard Owen and Alma Madsen were third, 3-2. Gaston Chappuis and Dick Heilbut were fourth.

A letter was received from Franklin Harris of the University of Utah telling about University chess activity. A new club has been formed and a match has been played with a group from Brigham Young University. The Utah State Aggies College at Logan is also getting up a group so competition between those schools should be good.


The Inland Empire Open will again be held this year at the Desert Hotel in Spokane, on April 27-28. This tournament has been a very large and successful one since its inception several years ago. Several Northern Idaho players have taken part in the past including Horton Thompson of Kendrick (who attended our Idaho Tournament this year), Bob Simon of Twin Lakes, and Tom Ball of Mullen. Some of these players will no doubt take part this year and a report will be made of the results in the next issue of the Quarterly. Lack of previous knowledge of this event resulted in its omission from page one. Ivars Dalbergs of Portland, Oregon won the recent Puget Sound Open. He won all seven of his games in the Tournament played February 22-24 in Seattle. Don Wade of Seattle was second (5-2) and Howard Weaver (Seattle) and Dr. A. Murray (Raymond) took 3rd and 4th respectively. In winning, Dalbergs beat some of Washington's best players and stamped himself as a real up-and-coming player.



With this issue of the Quarterly we are starting a games section. Eugene Cowan (Driggs, Idaho) is games Editor and would like to have any player send games in for publication. If you have a good game, don't hesitate to send it! He needs material to work with and it can only come from you.

This issue features some games from the recent Idaho Tournament. It is hoped that we can get some games from the Nevada Tournament for the next issue. Any player who attended the Nevada Tournament is asked to submit games.


Games Editor: E.L. Cowan; Address: Box 431 Driggs, Idaho

1957 Idaho Tournament Games

For our first game we present the key game of the State Tournament -- with notes by courtesy of the winner. This was a most decisive game even though played February 15, the first day.


White: Fred Byron
Black: K.R. Jones

1P-KB4N-KB3 (a)15P-KR3BxNch
4B-N20-018P-B3N-R3 (h)
5P-Q3 (b)P-Q419P-B5 (i)P-B3 (j)
6QN-Q2 (c)N-N520Q-K3 (k)KR-K (l)
7BxBKxB21N-N5N-B2 (m)
8P-K4N-K6 (d)22N-K6ch (n)NxN
10K-K2Q-N3 (e)24Q-K4P-K4 (o)
12RxNPxP (f)26R-N3P-KB4
13NxPB-N5 (g)27QxPPxPch
14Q-K3N-R328Resigns (p) 

(a) To play the King's Indian regardless.

(b) (This move is incorrect now, P-K3 is book; with the QB on N2 White now has a weakness which Black exploits -- ELC).

(c) (This allows N-N5 but N-B3 allows P-Q5, with N-N5 & P-B4 in the air -- ELC).

(d) Prevents white from castling.

(e) To continue the pressure -- keeps the N on a strong square and develops, and helps disorganize white's pawn structure.

(f) White cannot be allowed P-K5.

(g) Seeks to win QP.

(h) N-Q4 better

(i) Strong move.

(j) A must.

(k) With N at Q4 this move is not possible.

(l) To protect KP.

(m) To defend K6; if PxN, 22 Q-K5ch, then (1) if K-N, Q-K6ch; K-R, & PxP wins for white. Or: (2) if K-R3 results are uncertain because of Black's Q-N4ch, in order to exchange Queens. Probably best is Q-K3 and P-KR4 which should win for white as the KR file will be opened.

(n) Not best. Some other solution should have been found.

(o) The break-through.

(p) White's house falls in. If K-KB, R-KB wins the Q. If K-Q2, PxP! KxP, Q-Q5ch; K-B2, R-K7ch and mate next move. The mate is inevitable.

Here is a fine win by our State Champion over an ex-champion.


White: Glen Buckendorf
Black: Dick Vandenburg

MCO8 col. 118-119

Notes by Dick Vandenburg

7B-B2B-N533K-B2? (e)N-B6
8QN-Q2P-R3 (a)34BxNRxR
15Q-K2BxN (b)41B-B3!R-Q6
21B-Q2B-N2 (c)47K-N5R-N8
26P-Q4N/4-K2 (d)52K-B6Resigns

(a) Not too good. Promoted a basic weakness at KB4. (Book is 6..., P-N3, or B-K2 for Black. B-N5 seems not too good (P-KR3 for White). The whole variation of 5 P-Q3 allows Black to equalize.

(b) This left White with a strong white B which proved decisive.

(c) A waste of time

(d) An oversight permitting PxBP.

(e) BxN was best.

Perhaps the best game of the tournament -- notes by Dick Vandenburg


White: Dick Vandenburg
Black: William F. Taber

3N-QB3P-QB4 (a)22N-B5Q-N4
5P-KN3PxP24N-N5! (e)N-B4
7B-N5? (b)N-B326KR-QB (f)B-Q
17P-QR3 (c)B-R436QxBQ-R7ch
19K-B2N-K2 (d)38QxP Mate 

(a) (Tarrasch defense. Not played much and White stands better but makes for a lively and fighting game -- Lloyd Kimpton).

(b) P-K3 would have been best move for either of moves 5 and 7.

(c) At this point Black has an excellent position but the tide of battle begins changing.

(d) (B-B5 attacking the N & freeing the R looks good to me. There is pressure on N & KP -- Lloyd Kimpton).

(e) Just to make the game more exciting, White had only 8 minutes to make 15 moves at this point. Later, after move 34, six moves had to be made in one minute.

(f) Not QR or 26..., BxRP!

"This game was played in the last round and Buckendorf only needed to draw to win the State Championship." -- C.H.S.


White: Glen Buckendorf
Black: C.H. Stewart

20NxQR-QB Drawn 


White: William F. Taber
Black: C.H. Stewart

16BxBKxB Drawn