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Idaho Chess Association
Boise, Idaho

September, 1956

Source: State Chess Bulletin, September, 1956

To Idaho Chess Players:

With the summer season almost over, chess time is here again! Most clubs in the state which suspend meetings during the summer take up again in September for another nine months of chess fun.

This Bulletin (the first of its kind in Idaho) is being sent to all (known to me) chess players with the purpose of better acquainting players with other clubs' activities and activities of the State Association in order to stimulate more interest in statewide chess as well as chess in general. We now have a fairly strong Association but need more support from players and clubs scattered all over the state to make it grow. I hope that we may soon have enough reported activities to make an Idaho Chess Quarterly paper possible. The following is an outline of our past year's activities both on the state and local levels plus an outlook on next year's coming events.


The most important function held in Idaho was the annual State Tournament which was held in Twin Falls on March 2, 3, and 4 at the Rogerson Hotel. Three games were played on Friday, two on Saturday, and two on Sunday, March 4. The competition was the strongest ever seen in Idaho and the winner was Glen Buckendorf, Jr. of Buhl who had a 6-1 record, losing only his last game to Irvin Taylor of Salt Lake City, UT. The tournament was open to all Idaho, Utah, and Nevada players, as is the custom in all three states, and trophies were awarded to the State winner and to the "Open" winner at the banquet Sunday evening. This year was the first time an Idaho player has ever won the tournament and Glen certainly should be congratulated on his victory. Second place went to Fred Byron of Portland, OR, one of the Northwest's outstanding players. He was named "open" champion. Second highest placing Idaho player was Don Murphy of Twin Falls who was 8th. The first 10 placings were as follows:

1.Glen BuckendorfBuhl6-1
2.Fred ByronPortland, OR5½-1½
3.Ad RietdykReno, NV5-2
4.Irvin TaylorSalt Lake City, UT5-2
5.K.R. JonesReno, NV4½-2½
6.Maurice GedanceLas Vegas, NV4½-2½
7.Ben HornSalt Lake City, UT4-3
8.Don MurphyTwin Falls4-3
9.Harold HughartBoise3½-3½
10.Dr. David GroenigCaldwell3½-3½

Other players included Lloyd Kimpton and John Kurdeka, Twin Falls; Bob Campbell, Rupert; Larry Walton, Burley; C.H. Stewart, Dick Vandenburg, and A.L. Harle, Boise; Max Wennstrom, Gooding; Stacy Samson, Kimberly; and Ray Smith, Reno, NV.

The tournament was one of the finest and most interesting we have ever had and was ably supervised by Lloyd Kimpton, last year's president. During the banquet each year a business meeting is held and officers are elected. This year's officers are Dick Vandenburg, President, Jerry Stanke (Nampa), Secretary-Treasurer, Bob Campbell and John Kurdeka, committeemen.

Another highly successful function was the annual Utah-Idaho summer match, revived this year after a three year wait and played in Salt Lake City, UT on July 28-29. Utah players decisively won the match 14-6 to even the series at 2-2. Idaho couldn't seem to get off the ground and lost the first round 2-8 doing better the second 4-6. The second game was played Sunday morning in Liberty Park after which Utah feted Idaho players and wives to box lunches. It was very enjoyable and we look forward to next year (for revenge) when the match will be played in Idaho. Players from each state were matched in order of estimated strength and played two games with their opponents -- one Saturday night and the other Sunday morning. The results were as follows:

1.Farrell Clark1-11.Glen Buckendorf, Buhl0-0
2.Irvin Taylor1-12.Dick Vandenburg, Boise0-0
3.Fred Docekal0-03.C.H. Stewart, Boise1-1
4.Garrit Zweers1-04.Lloyd Kimpton, Twin Falls0-1
5.Gaston Chappuis1-05.Dean Blair, Twin Falls0-1
6.Stan Hunt1-16.Bob Campbell, Rupert0-0
7.Sam Teitelbaum1-17.A.L. Harle, Boise0-0
8.Dick Heilbut1-18.R.K. Hart, Pocatello0-0
9.Richard Owen1-19.Stacy Samson, Kimberly0-0
10.John Archbold0-010.Henry Chaney, Boise1-1

Another more or less statewide function was an exhibition held in Boise on October 17 by George Koltanowski, World Blindfold Champion. He gave a lecture and played 18 games simultaneously against some of Idaho's top players, winning 17 and drawing one game with Bob Campbell of Rupert. Four Nampa, 10 Boise, and six Magic Valley players took part in the match.


Four inter-club matches were played during the past year -- two between Pocatello and Rupert and two between Boise and Nampa.

Rupert went to Pocatello and lost 2-12 but the tables were turned when Pocatello traveled to Rupert and lost 5-7. Boise and Nampa have long maintained a chess feud and last year the series also ended in a draw. Nampa came to Boise and lost 3½-4½, but Boise lost at Nampa 3-5. It seems that no one, including the state, can play off their home court.



Meets 8:00 Wednesday night at YMCA the year around. The club averages 10 players per meeting with a membership of 18. Players also come from Meridian.

The annual (winter) city tournament is divided into two classes of play -- A and B, and each class plays a double round robin. C.H. Stewart, club President, placed first in Class A with Dick Vandenburg placing second, and John Cosho third. In Class B, M.W. Wright placed first with Henry Chaney second and Nick Skirmants third. Other Class A players were A.L. Harle and Dr. C.B. Smithson and Class B entrants were Frank Leonard, Ernest Mathews, Neil Witting, Tommy Funkhauser, Louis Cosho, and Jim Hammersly.

Boise has a ladder competition throughout the year and Dick Vandenburg, C.H. Stewart, and A.L. Harle are currently leading.


Meets 8:00 Thursday night at Lakeview Park House the year around. The club averages 8-10 players per meeting and has a current membership of 14 players. Members also come from Caldwell and Homedale.

Nampa holds an annual Winter Double Round Robin Tournament with one class of play. A.B. Ellis was this year's winner with a 19½-2½ record. Dr. David Groenig placed second with 18½-3½ and Roy Parker was third with 16½-5½. Others that entered were Carl Solts, Vic Waterman, John Williamson, Bill Cleveland, Jerry Stanke, E.R. Horstman, Gene Harris, Ralph Batie, and Ray Wayman.

A summer tournament is now in progress with only the finals to be played. Dr. David Groenig and A.B. Ellis are to play for first and second place while Jerry Stanke and Roy Parker will play for third and fourth place.

Strange events occur at chess meetings! One morning about 8:00 A.M. the Nampa police Department received a frantic call from Mrs. Ralph Batie -- her husband had left home the night before to play chess and hadn't returned home. A police car went to the club house and there a peaceful scene greeted their eyes. The two "old masters" Ralph Batie and Ray Wayman had moved their chess board close to the fire and were busily engrossed in a world of their own -- completely oblivious of the time!


Meets 8:00 Wednesday night except during the summer months. Club averages 8 players per meeting with 11 members. Players also come from Burley.

The club completed its annual tournament May 15 with Bob Campbell placing first, 7-1; Larry Walton second, 6-2; I.E. Pattie third, 6-2; and Mark Johnson fourth, 4-4. Others entered were Richard Campbell and Darrell Freeman.

The Rupert club maintains ladder competition with Campbell, Walton, Pattie, Freeman, and Richard Campbell the current leaders.


Meets 8:00 Thursday night at the Rogerson Hotel in the winter, and once or twice a month by "appointment" the rest of the year. The club has seven registered members from Twin Falls, Buhl, and Kimberly. No city tournament was held last year in Twin.


Has held regular meetings in the past and has about 10 active players. R.K. Hart, who played for Idaho against Utah, helped organize the Pocatello-Rupert matches and hopes to resume regular meetings in the future.


Other towns have some good players but are not too well organized. Blackfoot has several good players but does not hold regular meetings. Gooding has had a chess club in the past but I don't know now if it is still meeting. I heard that Shelly had a chess club but haven't been able to find out for sure. Moscow once had a strong club but now most of the players play at Pullman, Washington.


That is a summary of chess in Idaho. There are many players in the state but we need to have more activities and get better organized. During the next year the State Association has plans for three major activities.

The first would be a statewide team tournament to be held on open dates this fall. As of now it looks like six teams might enter -- Blackfoot, Pocatello, Rupert, Twin Falls, Boise, and Nampa, although some of these might not be able to compete and there also may be others interested. South-Eastern teams would play each other to pick a champion; Central and South-Western teams would do the same and finals would be played between the winners in each district, thereby reducing greatly the amount of travel time involved. A tournament such as this should really be fun and provide a great source of interest in chess since everyone plays. Local club leaders will be contacted on this tournament.

Second in order of play will be our annual State Tournament to be held this year in Boise. This tournament will probably be held in late February or early March and is open to all Idaho players, plus interested Nevada and Utah players. Keep this in mind and try to attend. It is always a good tournament and the more the merrier!

The final event of the chess year will be the annual Utah-Idaho match, this year to also be held in Boise. This event is open to all Idaho players and will take place on the last weekend in June.

Keep in mind the team tournament and discuss it at your meeting. Also, ask your local officers about it. My contacts in the various towns are Jerry Stanke, Nampa; John Kurdeka, Twin Falls; Bob Campbell, Rupert; R.K. Hart, Pocatello; Ross A. Soward, Blackfoot; Glen Taylor, Shelly; O.M. Tucker, Gooding; and Kermit Bird, Moscow.

Very truly yours,

Dick Vandenburg, President
Idaho Chess Association