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Source: The Idaho Statesman, May 29, 1953:

Three States' Chess Players in Tourney

Players from three states are entered in the annual Idaho State chess tournament which will open this morning at 9 o'clock at the YMCA.

Charles Stewart, president of the Boise Chess club, tournament host, said the playing would continue until Sunday evening. A banquet will follow the conclusion of the meet.

Chess players from Nevada and Utah as well as Idaho are entered in the tournament, Stewart Said.

Source: The Idaho Statesman, May 31, 1953:

Seattle Chess Player Takes Tourney Lead

O.W. Manney of Seattle, winner of last year's Washington state open chess championship chess tournament and one-time Texas state chess champ, had a slight material advantage over W.F. Taber, Reno, Nev., in the closing hours of the second day of the Idaho State Chess tournament at the YMCA Saturday night.

Manney and Taber appeared top candidates for the 1953 state tournament title and one of them is expected to cop the crown in the concluding sessions today.

Taber has won the Idaho open tournament and Nevada state championships and is a two-time winner of the Utah open.

Both Manney and Taber had four wins and one loss each before beginning Saturday night's match. After four hours of play, Manney had a one-pawn advantage over his opponent.

Last year's Idaho champion, LaVerl Kimpton of Filer, was trailing Manney and Taber with three wins, one loss, one unfinished game and an adjourned game, but was top contender for state title.

The tourney will conclude this afternoon. Prizes will be awarded winners at a banquet in the Hill House at 7:30 tonight. New officers of the Idaho State Chess association will be elected at a business meeting following the dinner, at which Lloyd Kimpton, Twin Falls, state association president, will preside.

Host group is the Boise Chess association, C.H. Stewart is president.

Source: The Idaho Statesman, June 1, 1953:

Chess Contest Names Open, State Champs

A Seattle player, O.W. Manney, won the Idaho Open Chess tournament Sunday afternoon and LaVerl Kimpton of Filer was named Idaho state chess champion for the second consecutive year.

Manney was tied with Kimpton with six wins, one loss and one stalemate each, but the title went to Manney because he played tougher opponents.

Tounament officials explained that such ties are broken by adding up the tournament points of each player's opponents.

In elections held at the banquet in the Hill House following the meet, Jerry Stanke of Nampa was elected president of the Idaho State Chess association, sponsor of the tournament, which was held in the YMCA.

Stanke succeeds Lloyd Kimpton of Twin Falls, brother of LaVerl, who placed fourth, with five wins and three losses; in the three-day contest that began Friday morning.

Roy Parker of Nampa was elected secretary to succeed Don Murphy, also of Twin Falls.

Manney won the Washington state open last year. Third place in the meet here went to William Taber of Reno, Nev., with six wins and two losses. Taber is a two-time winner of the Utah open.

Glen Buckendorf of Buhl, was fifth with 4½ to 3½. A blind player, Don Crawford of Boise, placed eighth, playing on a specially constructed board.

C.H. Stewart of Boise and the retiring president were chosen to fill out the board of directors.

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Filer Man Keeps Title In Idaho Tournament

Source is a newspaper clipping in a feature article some time during the week following the May 29-31, 1953 Idaho State Championship event. Story is by Harold Lundstrom.