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Source: Chess Digest, Vol 3 #10, 1950:

Utah Report

By William F. Taber, Reno, Nevada

The Utah State Open Chess Championship Tournament was held at the Salt Lake City Young Men's Christian Association in November and met with great success.

This was a six-round Swiss system event with sixteen participants - the eleven ranking Utah players, the four ranking Idaho players, and myself as the sole Nevada representative. Maurice Gedance of Las Vegas, Nevada, the 1950 Nevada Champion, was also invited but was unable to attend. Leading scores were:

William F. Taber, Reno, Nevada - 5 wins, 1 loss
Lloyd Kimpton, Twin Falls, ID - 4½ wins, 1½ losses
Louis N. Page, Salt Lake City - 4 wins, 2 losses
Gaston Chappuis, Salt Lake City - 4 wins, 2 losses

Page placed ahead of Chappuis on Sonnen-Berger points.

This is the second Utah Open Chess Tournament. The first one was held over Armistice Day week end last year -- and I was fortunate enough to win that one too. It looks like the Utah Open will become a permanent fixture; the Salt Lake City Club plans to hold it every year over the week end closest to Armistice Day -- November 11.

Utah, Idaho and Nevada chess players are cooperating in inviting players from the three states for their tournaments. My best guess at this time is that the 1951 Idaho Open will be held at Boise in February, and that the 1951 Nevada Open will be held at Las Vegas in March.