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Source: The Idaho Statesman, January 28, 1947:

YMCA Chess Club Slates Twin Falls Team Head

Members of the Boise YMCA Chess club will entertain Mel Schubert of Twin Falls at their regular Wednesday evening meeting at the YMCA.

Schubert entered in national competition last year and made a reportedly fine showing. He will play simultaneously all of the club members who wish to enter play as well as any of their guests, according to C.H. Stewart one of the leaders of the club.

Besides playing in national competition Schubert has this past week led a team playing at Salt Lake and is one of the leading chess players in the west. Play will be open to all interested. There will be no admission or entry fees and all are invited to watch or take part who are interested in the game of chess according to Stewart.

Source: The Idaho Statesman, January 31, 1947:

YMCA Chess Players Lose Nine to Schubert

Boise YMCA Chess club members Wednesday night managed to win six, tie one and lose nine matches in simultaneous games against Mel Schubert of Twin Falls, who is regarded as one of the leading chess players of the intermountain west.

Schubert played the 16 games at the same time by moving around the inside of three long tables, making a play at each board as he walked in a circle.

Winners in their games with Schubert were Axel Bergdoll, Herb Johnson, Albert Harle, W. Brown, Charles Stewart and Dick Vandenburg, while A.L. Paul took a draw with the expert.

Source: The Idaho Statesman, March 4, 1947:

Chess Expert To Appear Here

George Koltanowski, nationally known chess player and author of a number of books and papers on the game, will appear as a guest of the local YMCA chess club in a simultaneous chess match with members and friends at the YMCA club rooms Tuesday, March 11 at 7:30 p.m., according to Chas. Stewart, president of the local club. Chess players from the Boise valley will be welcome to be present and take part in the play Stewart said. He urged that they contact the YMCA in order that arrangements can be made to take care of all who desire to play.

Final plans for the meet will be made by the club at this week's meeting on Wednesday.

Source: The Idaho Statesman, March 11, 1947:

First Inter City Chess Matches Won by Boise

Boise chess team Monday held a 6-4 win over Twin Falls in the first inter city matches ever held here. The matches were played Sunday in the YMCA.

Melvin Schubert, the Twin Falls ace, playing at No. 1 board, scored a 1½-½ win over Albert Harle of Boise, taking the first game and tying the second.

At No. 2 board, Charles H. Stewart of Boise scored a 2-0 win over L.E. Kimpton, Twin Falls, taking both games.

At No. 3, Herb Johnson of Boise won, 1½-½ over L.D. Kimpton of Twin Falls, taking one game and tying the second.

At No. 4, Donald Murphy of Twin Falls and Herbert Pendergast of Boise tied, 1-1, each winning one game.

At No. 5 board, Ross Scott of Twin Falls and A.H. Paul of Boise also tied, 1-1 each winning a game.

During an evening intermission, the Twin Falls visitors were lunch guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stewart.

Source: The Idaho Statesman, March 13, 1947:

Visiting Expert Loses Only One Chess Game

George Koltanowski, internationally known chess expert, left Boise Wednesday after losing only one game Tuesday night while playing 15 members of the Boise YMCA Chess club in a simultaneous match.

Charles Stewart, president of the Boise club, was the only local player to win against the master from Yankton, S.D.

Koltanowski, in the finale of his appearance, played a blindfold exhibition match against Stewart and D.F. King, Caldwell, and won both games.

Source: The Idaho Statesman, May 28, 1947:

Chess Lecturer To Be Featured At "Y" Tonight

Weaver W. Adams, noted chess player and lecturer, will be the guest at a simultaneous exhibition of the Boise YMCA Chess club tonight, C.H. Stewart, president of the club said Tuesday.

The match will get under way in the YMCA club rooms at 8 p.m. with members and guests meeting Adams in simultaneous play.

Adams' present tour of the west coast is sponsored by the U.S. Chess federation and he is making appearances in many western cities, going from Boise to a meeting in Twin Falls Thursday evening. Adams is the author of several important books on chess such as "Simple Chess" giving his ideas on a thousand plays. Adams will also give his lecture on chess tonight.

Members are urged to be on hand to take part in the simultaneous exhibition and Stewart also suggested that guests interested in the game were welcome and would be urged to take part in the play.

Source: The Idaho Statesman, May 29, 1947:

CHESS EXPERT Weaver W. Adams of Dedham, Mass., took on six opponents simultaneously in the YMCA club rooms Wednesday night. Picking up fine points of the game (seated left to right) are H.O. Johnson, James Latimer Bothwell, Herbert Pendergast, Dick Vandenburg, A.L. Paul and Albert Harle. The kibitzers standing are (left to right) Charles Blackburn, J. W. Bissell and Leighton Baldwin. Adams' appearance here was sponsored by the YMCA chess club.

Source: Hand-written note:

June 13, 1947

Dear Mr. Stewart,

Thanks for the drawing and hope you will convey my sincere thanks to Mr. Bergdall. He made me a handsome man!

With ties & wrohs,

Sincerely yours,

George Koltanowski
Yankton, S. Dak.

Source: The Idaho Statesman, October 10, 1947:

Chess Club Brings Expert Player

Weaver Adams, author, lecturer and professional chess player, will be the guest of the Boise Chess club at a special meeting Friday evening, Oct. 10, and besides giving his lecture on chess to club members and friends will play an exhibition simultaneous match with members and any chess player who cares to match his skill according to Charles Stewart, president of the Boise YMCA club. Play will be open to spectators and anyone desiring to enter the competition is urged to be on hand at 7:00 p.m. at the YMCA.

This is the opening special match of the Boise club of the season and it plans several similar matches during the winter season. Invitations to chess players, both men and women and especially younger folks, is extended for this match and regular club meetings held at the YMCA on Wednesday evening, Stewart said. He is the Idaho state champion having won his honor at the state tourney at Twin Falls last spring.

Source: The Idaho Statesman, October 15, 1947:

Chess Club Brings Master of Game

An internationally known chessmaster, George Koltanowski, will lecture at a meeting of the Boise Chess club and play simultaneous matches with all comers this evening at the YMCA.

Charles Stewart, president of the Boise club, said all chess players will be welcome whether or not they are members.

Koltanowski's appearance will be his second in Boise. He fascinated chess players here last year with memory feats, sparkling anecdotes about chess immortals and his skilled playing.

He has held the championship of his native Belgium six times.

Play will start at 8 o'clock in room D.