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June 23, 1978

To Members & Friends of the Boise Chess Club,

Dear Fellows,

The Boise chess Club is holding the first valley-wide 60/60 chess tournament, which will be played on two evenings (both Wednesdays), June 28 (this coming Wednesday) and July 12 (two weeks later). This will be a semi-rapid tournament with 60 moves in 60 minutes. We are trying this concept rather than 30/30 so that no time trouble will be encountered around the 25-30 move mark, normally a tough place in our games. Two games will be played each night. Registration will begin at 7:15 pm. each night and play will start promptly at 7:45 pm.

NOTE!! You do not have to be present on both evenings to play! You may come either evening or both as you are able. This is to permit you to play even though you are out of town one of the evenings. The tournament will be organized as follows:

1. There will be three separate classes of play: Class B (1600) and above, Class C (1400-1599), and Class D (1399) and below. Each class will have its own prizes and will play entirely within itself. Entry fees in all classes will be $5.00 for both evenings except $4.00 for under 19, over 64, or full time BSU students. Entry fees for one night only will be $3.00 except $2.50 for the same exceptions. All players must belong to or join the Boise Chess Club, which will cost $4.00 for non-members for the balance of this year. No USCF ratings.

2. Prizes will be based upon entries but will run slightly higher than entry fees. For instance, in Class C, if we have eight players, we will pay $3.00 for each win and $1.50 for each draw you score in the tournament. Obviously, if you have a perfect score you will take home $12.00. If you play one night and win one game, you will break even. The tournament is designed to give you a bonus from your club membership besides providing you with an opportunity to play some good chess during the summer. Prizes for each class will be announced when entries are complete.

3. We will pair each group using normal tournament pairings. If you do not play the first night, we will give you a one point credit for your play the second night, assuming you drew both unplayed games. Actually, the pairing system is not of great importance since there is only around a 200 point spread between players in any class. If you are unrated (USCF) you will play in the Class D section.

4. Location of the tournament will be the BSU Student Union Building, our normal Wednesday playing site. However, we may be in a different room than the Big-4 so notice the TV screen upon entering the building.

We hope you can attend this competition and will look forward to seeing you there.


Dick Vandenburg, TD

P.S. Please bring clocks and sets in case we run out of either.