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1977 Idaho Closed State Championship
Twin Falls, Idaho - February 19-20, 1977

1Richard Vandenburg1925W10W6W19W3D211 $62+T
2Larry Parsons1782W14W9W7W19D1 62+T
3William Whitacre1904W24W13W4L1W849 10
4Dan Patton1659W20W27L3W11D58  
5Ted Hartwell1580W22W21L8W10D4  
6Todd Chase1576W18L1W25W16D77  
7John Westover1647W16W26L2D13D63813½ 
8Eugene Cowan1624L27W20W5W9L33813 
9Garth Jones1481W15L2W17L8W163713½21+T
10Clark Ketchum1476L1W22W26L5W173712½21
11Stewart Sutton1554L25W23W27L4W1335 21
12Elmer Barney Graff1507L26L16W21W25W183 21
13Steve Ryals1520W17L3W18D7L118  
14Phillip Leavitt1405L2L17W20W26D15  
15Craig Barrington1115L9BYEL16W24D14 50+T
16Mark Holm1279L7W12W15L6L929 7
17Jack Heistand1139L13W14L9W23L1028 7
18Robert Green1156L6W24L13W27L1227 7
19Glen Buckendorf1744W23W25L1L2WD26  
20Hugh Myers1357L4L8L14BYEW211  
21Louis Logosz1024BYEW5L12W22L202 7
22Greg Eiselein1227L5L10BYEL21W271 7
23Jon Taylor1392L19L11D24L17W26  
24Vic Waterman1460L3L18D23L15W255  
25William Botinelly1142W11L19L6L12L24113 
26Brian Weiss1116W12L7L10L14L23113 
27Allen Lott1234W8L4L11L18L2218  

Steve Ryals was elected president of the Idaho Chess Federation, and Richard Vandenburg was reelected secretary-treasurer. Eugene Cowan was elected voting delegate and Ted Hartwell, Richard Vandenburg, and Glen Buckendorf were elected alternate voting members. Boise team won first followed by Twin Falls. The Chess Bulletin will be printed 4 times a year. The regional contributors are as follows: Stewart Sutton, Nampa-Caldwell; Todd Chase, Boise; Ted Hartwell, Twin Falls; Mark Holm, Burley; Phillip Leavitt, Pocatello; and Eugene Cowan, Driggs. In charge of writing and printing are as follows: Robert Green, Burley; and Dan Patton and John Westover, Twin Falls. All members who would like this news every 3 months please give $1 to your regional contributor. This is for a mailing fee.

This year's tournament was a definite improvement over last year's closed.

1976 Average rating -- 1444.6521 - 1976 Turnout -- 24
1977 Average rating -- 1445.3703 - 1977 Turnout -- 27

1976 Prize Fund -- $250 + $19 Trophy
1977 Prize Fund -- $303 + $52 Trophies

The Twin Falls Chess Club wishes to thank all of those who participated in the tourney.