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1977 Boise Chess Club Championship
Boise, Idaho - January - March, 1977

1William N. WhitacreBoise1886W2W11W10W3W4W9615 $15
2Todd ChaseBoise1398L1W7W12W10D3W8152415
3Larry R. ParsonsBoise1751W14W13W8L1D2W4152410
4Robert S. McAlpineOntario, OR1574W20W6W21W11L1L3413½ 8.30
5Craig MooreBoise1409W7D16D9L6W18W10413 8.3
6John A. StreiffBoise1497W18L4W19W5L8W13412½18½8.3
7Glenn G. Crouch, Sr.BoiseUnr.L5L2W15W22W12W16412½18½15
8William C. GosvenorNampa1412W23W9L3D17W6L214½  
9Richard S. VandenburgBoise1925W15L8D5W18W17L113  
10Nick SkirmantsBoise1534W16W12L1L2W14L5314½  
11Walter A. YoungBoise1512W19L1W20L4L13W17311½  
12Victor F. WatermanNampa1460W22L10L2W19L7W2031117 
13George W. RasorBoise1431W24L3L18W20W11L631116 
14Hugh S. MyersBoise1378L3L19W24W16L10W18314½5
15William J. BotinellyBoise1297L9L18L7W23W19W21314½5
16Tery ErtterBoise1362L10D5W22L14W21L712  
17Warren A. CegleckiBoise1344L21W21W23D8L9L1110½  
18Hank HarrisBoise1174L6W15W13L9L5L14213½ 
19Henry MichalkBoise1195L11W14L6L12L15W24212 
20Jack HeistandNampa1198L4W23L11L13W22L12210½15½
21Loren C. IpsenBoiseUnr.W17L17L4W24L16L15210½15
22James E. WilliamsBoise1150L12D24L16L7L20W23  
23Randy SmolenskyBoise1063L8L20L17L15W24L2219  
24Ted J. GuarinoBoiseUnr.L13D22L14L21L23L19½  

Games were played Wednesday evenings in the Boise State University Union Building. Dick Vandenburg directed.

1977 Boise Chess Club Handicap Rapid Transit
Boise, Idaho - March 9, 1977

1Ted Pathakis (Utah)2W12W8W2W3L4W75
2Larry Parsons3W5W4L1W8W3W105
3Dick Vandenburg2W15W9W13L1L2W44
4Steve Ryals5W16L2W11W13W1L34
5Hank Harris7L2W16L8W9W11W134
6George Rasor10L9W15D12L7W16W14
7Todd Chase4L10L11W14W6W13L13
8John StreiffW14L1W5L2W10L113
9Craig Moore5W6L3L10L5W12W153
10Walter Young8W7L13W9W12L8L23
11Jim Williams8L13W7L4W15L5W83
12Hugh MyersL1W14D6L10L9W16
13Glenn CrouchW11W10L3L4L7L52
14Hank MichalkL8L12L7W16W15L62
15Terry Ertter6L3L6W16L11L14L91
16Les Gennette10L4L5L15L14L6L120

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