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1974 Idaho Closed State Championship
Twin Falls, Idaho - February 16-17, 1974

1Ken SandersonBoise1748W18W12W4W3D2
2Bert GermalmIdaho Falls1835W6W13W9W8D1
3Glen BuckendorfBuhl1907W24W11W5L1W84
4Dick VandenburgBoise2039W22W29L1W12W144
5Larry ParsonsBoise1649W26W28L3W21W104
6*Danny PattonTwin Falls1348L2W20D11W19W17
7Ed TrappenTwin Falls1707W21L8W22D17W18
8*Greg PerrymanMtn. Home AFB1488W16W7W10L2L33
9Elmer Barney GraffMurtaugh1617W23W15L2L10W163
10Ted HartwellTwin Falls1797W33W19L8W9L53
11Kenny JamesTwin Falls1555W31L3D6D16W243
12*Bob JonesBurley1486W25L1W30L4W233
13Paul FafoutakisMtn. Home1511W20L2L16W31W213
14Nick SkirmantsBoise1669L17W32W24W23L43
15*Zack WithersBurley1439W27L9L21W30W253
16*Jim LuzziTwin FallsUnr.L8W26W13D11L9
17*Stewart SuttonBurley1224W14L22W29D7L6
18*John WestoverTwin Falls1225L1W25D19W29L7
19*Robert CordovaMtn. Home AFB1521W30L10D18L6W28
20Dean PihlstromCaldwellUnr.L13L6W26D28W29
21Marvin StropeTwin Falls1067L7W34W15L5L132
22Vic WatermanNampa1429L4W17L7L25W322
23Christopher ScheneMtn. Home AFBUnr.L9W27W28L14L122
24Paul FearhellerFiler1376L3W31L14W27L112
25*Kevin JudsBoiseUnr.L12L18W33W22L152
26*Brett StaufferTwin Falls1194L5L16L20WFW302
27Robert GreenBurleyUnr.L15L23W32L24W312
28Steve RyalsBoise1435W34L5L23D20L19
29Delmar DavisTwin Falls1532W32L4L17L18L201
30*Randy BennettKimberlyUnr.L19W33L12L15L261
31*Tom KennedyTwin FallsUnr.L11L24WFL13L271
32Marilyn JudsBoiseUnr.L29L14L27W33L221
33*David BarronCastleford1337L10L30L25L32WF1
34Keith BriggsTwin FallsUnr.L28L21LFLFLF0

Ken Sanderson won the 1974 Idaho State Championship on 2½ median tie-break points. He won a 1st place trophy plus $20.00 cash. For 2nd place Bert Germalm who lived in Tacoma area for a time took home 1st Class "A"-Expert Prize of $30.00. Larry Parsons won $15.00 as 2nd Class "B" prize which went to Ed Trappen. Ken James and Paul Fafoutakis split 1st & 2nd Class "C" & Unrated for $17.50 each. The $10.00 3rd Class "C" winner was Dean Pihlstrom. Three trophies went to Junior players, denoted on the crosstable by a *, 1st-Danny Patton, 2nd-Gregrory Perryman and 3rd-Bob Jones.

This was the largest turnout ever for this event. Director was Ted Hartwell with assistance by Dick Vandenburg. Dick sent the crosstable to Northwest Chess, but he always sends carbon copies so your Editor had to retype it for publication. We hope to be able to send a sample copy of Northwest Chess to all the players in the event in the hopes they might sign up to get Northwest Chess each month.