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This is your invitation to attend the


May 19-20, 1973

Location: 1001 N. 10th St. NOTICE CHANGE FROM CHESS LIFE ANNOUNCEMENT This is right downtown, across te street from the Idanha Hotel.

Registration: 8:30 - 9:30 am. Saturday, May 19, play starts at 9:45 am. Swiss style tournament with five rounds, three Saturday and two Sunday. Play will be finished by 5:30 pm. Sunday to allow for travel. One playing class (all players in one section) and prizes will be given to highest placing players in different rating groups.

Entry Fee and USCF: $7.00, except $3.50 for juniors 18 years old or younger and $3.50 for Boise State College students. USCF rated! All entrants must belong to or join the United States Chess Federation (can join at the tournament). This fee is $8.00 for 21 and over, $4.00 for under 21. Current USCF members must present card for registration.

Prizes: $150.00 guaranteed. $60.00 + trophy guaranteed 1st with $30.00/2nd, $15.00/3rd, $25.00/high Class B, $20.00/high Class C or unrated, and other (+ Jr.) as entries and fund size permit. All moneys will be dispensed from the Stewart-Schubert Memorial Prize Fund. Donations to the fund are accepted at any time by the Idaho Chess Association Secretary (same address as Tournament Director).

Harkness Pairings, 50/2 time limit. Dick Vandenburg directs. For further information contact Director at 2316 Regan Ave., Boise, Idaho 83702. Phone: 342-1081. This tournament is open to any chess player and the Boise Chess Club extends a warm welcome for you to attent!

Results of Idaho State (Closed) Tournament, played in Twin Falls, February 24-25.

1973 Idaho Closed State Championship
Twin Falls, Idaho - February 24-25, 1973

1*Harold MoyeKimberly1512W15W21W4D3W71st
2Bert GermalmIdaho Falls1793W27W11W13W9D392nd
3Ted HartwellTwin Falls1827W22W6W5D1D2411½3rd
4Eugene CowanDriggs1791W17W12L1W10W6491st/B
5Ken SandersonBoise1666W23W18L3W17W8472nd/B
6Barney GraffMurtaugh1609W8L3W24W14L43 
7Ernest SweetKimberly1766W19W10L9W12L139-15½ 
8Steve RyalsBoiseUnr.L6W22W11W13L539-151st/C
9Glen BuckendorfBuhl2022L18W23W7L2W1637½-7 
10Delmer DaviesTwin Falls1504W14L7W22L4W2137½-6½2nd/C
11Kenny JamesTwin Falls1585W25L2L8W23W173 
12Nick SkirmantsBoise1555W26L4W25L7W1936-4 
13Ron DraperRupert1650W28W24L2L8W1836-3 
14*Zack WithersBurleyUnr.L10W19W18L6D2071st/Jr.
15*Stewart SuttonBurleyUnr.L1L20D23W28W242nd/Jr.
16Carroll PowellEmmett1721L24W28D20W27L94 
17*John HartwellTwin Falls1276L4W26W21L5L1129 
18Vic WatermanNampa1432W9L5L14W25L132 
19*David BarronCastlefordUnr.L7L14W26W20L122 
20*Danny PattonTwin Falls1119L21W15D16L19D1427-5 
21Ed TrappenTwin Falls1787W20L1L17W24L1027-3 
22*Ralph PondTwin Falls1364L3L8L10W26W2727-2 
23*Todd KuwanaBurleyUnr.L5L9D15L11W25 
24Paul FearhellerTwin FallsUnr.W16L13L6L21L1518 
25*Bret StaufferTwin FallsUnr.L11W27L12L18L231 
26Marvin StropeTwin FallsUnr.L12L17L19L22W2816 
27Howard ChangPocatelloUnr.L2L25W28L16L221 
28Anthony MagnelliIdaho FallsUnr.L13L16L27L15L2606 

* = Junior