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November 26, 1971

Dear Chess Player,

The Boise Chess Club would like to announce the scheduling of the 1971 WESTERN IDAHO OPEN chess tournament, to be held at the Boise YMCA Building, 10th and State Streets, on Saturday, December 4, 1971. This will be a four round, one day swiss style tournament as it has been in the past.

There will be one section of play which will be USCF rated. Entry fee will be $3.50 for adults and $1.75 for juniors 18 years of age and younger. Cash awards will be made to adults with trophies for junior winners.

Play will begin at 9:00 am. promptly with registration starting at 8:15 am. For those using clocks, the time limit will be 40 moves in 1½ hours. Round times will be as follows: Rd. 1 = 9:00-12:00; Rd. 2 = 12:30-3:30; Rd. 3 = 4:00-7:00; and Rd. 4 = 7:30-10:30.

This will be an informal tournament and we will have a playing room with a separate room for "skittles" games. You do not need to bring chess sets or boards but if you have clocks, you might bring those.

During the tournament, informal talks between club leaders will be held to determine future tournament dates and any other matters that should be discussed.

Dick Vandenburg, Secretary-Treasurer
Idaho Chess Association
2316 Regan Ave., Boise, Idaho 83702

Tournament results:

Underlined scores are forfeit wins and losses.

Summer and fall action included club tournaments within the Twin Falls and Boise Chess Clubs plus a set of matches between Boise and Canyon County. The Twin Falls results were:

1Glen Buckendorfxx111101111113½
2Ted Hartwell00xx1110111111111113
3Jim Watson0000xx1100111111
4Barney Graff0100xx1011½010118
5Ron Draper001101xx10101001
6Ed Trappen10000001xx101011
7Ken James000000½10101xx1011
8Delmer Davies000001010101xx11
9John Hartwell0000000010000000xx1

Boise club results were as follows:

1Dick Vandenburgxx111111½1011110½1
2Walter Young0xx1101101111192
3John Cosho00xx111½0111113
4Dan Looney000xx10011011169
5Carroll Powell0100xx0111111075
6Nick Skirmants00011xx0110010510
7Fred Wagner00½101xx1111104
8George Rasor½110000xx1½½117
9Dennis Pence00000000xx½11012
10Don Aldrich1001010½½xx11068
11Jon Egge0000010½00xx1011
12John McFadden00000000000xx0013
13Mike McLaws000011101111xx76

##BoiseScoreCanyon CountyScore
1Dick Vandenburg1A.B. Ellis0
2Dick Vandenburg½Ezra Brumbach½
3Dan Looney0Ezra Brumbach1
4Fred Wagner2Vic Waterman0
5George Rasor1David Ball0
6George Rasor0Jerry Stanke1
7Carroll Powell2McCormick0
8Nick Skirmants0Jerry Stanke1
9Walt Young0A.B. Ellis1