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December 11, 1969

Results of Western Idaho Open, played Saturday, December 6 at the Boise, Idaho YMCA. Max Wennstrom directed as well as tying for first and taking second on S.B. points. Winner was Ted Hartwell of Twin Falls. Players from throughout southern Idaho participated. The tournament was not USCF rated in an attempt to get new players, and several turned up to make this a highly successful tournament. The closeness of the play is evidenced by a four way tie for first and four more tied just ½ point below. Idaho's over 1900 players didn't turn out but most of the prominent players with ratings below 1900 participated. Idaho's (Closed) State Championship Tournament date was set for February 14-15 in Twin Falls -- USCF rated, one section.

Western Idaho Open Results

1Ted HartwellTwin Falls1827W4D7W9D5310
2Max WennstromBoise1692W10D3D5W7310
3Lowell SeaichRexburgUnr.W15D2D8W93 
4Ed TrappinTwin Falls1455L1W16W10W1137 
5Jerry StankeNampa1758W13D6D2D1 
6Fred WagnerBoise1534W8D5L7W12
7Ezra BrumbachParma1554W16D1W6L24
8A.B. EllisNampa1857L6W13D3W14 
9George RasorBoise1627W12W11L1L329 
10James MulberryRexburgUnr.L2W15L4W1328 
11Randy BayntonBoiseUnr.W14L9W12L427 
12Armand BrouilletteRexburgUnr.L9W14L11L61 
13Vic WatermanNampa1450L5L8W16L1017 
14Barney GraffMurtaugh1539L11L12W15L81 
15Nick SkirmantsBoise1664L3L10L14W1616 
16Kenny JamesTwin Falls1145L7L4L13L150 

Junior Division (18 & under) (Baynton was Jr. but played in adult section to balance)

[Note: original source shows that the order in the crosstable reversed 4th & 5th place, as indicated by the tie-breaks. They didn't reorder the crosstable.--Roland]

1Tim EstleBoiseUnr.W4W3W5W64 
2Erwn SamualsonBoiseUnr.L3W4W7W53 
3Doug GochnourBoiseUnr.W2L1L6W829
4/5Tom ChandlerBoiseUnr.L1L2W8W723
5/4Debra Stikes (Girl)BoiseUnr.W8W7L1L228
6Tom WinchellBoiseUnr.L7W8W3L127
7Derek RuddBoiseUnr.W6L5L2L41 
8Chris Rudd (Girl)BoiseUnr.L5L6L4L30 

(Northwest Chess - please put our State Closed Tournament on the tournament calendar for Feb. 14-15.)

Dick Vandenburg