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2316 Regan Ave.
Boise, Idaho 83702

August 10, 1968
Annual Dues= $1.00


1969 Idaho State (Closed) Championship - at Nampa Community Center, December 7-8, 1968. Rated A and B sections plus unrated reserve section.

This is the final issue of the brief Idaho news reports you have been receiving this last couple of years. Enclosed is a copy of the recent July "Northwest Chess Letter". Notice on the third to last page the monthly information placed in the Washington Chess Letter by your Editor. These articles on Idaho and Intermountain chess appear regularly and include the old Problem Corner we used to have in our Idaho Chess Bulletin.

Because of the excellent quality of the Northwest Chess Letter, it appears to me to be a waste of badly needed time putting out this sheet, as all the information is duplicated in the N.C.L. Not only that, but the N.C.L. needs additional subscriptions to continue growing and we don't want our little paper to compete with it. Of course, the N.C.L. costs $3.00 per year, but it is certainly worth it, in my opinion.

I urge all players receiving this issue to subscribe to the N.C.L. so you will continue to receive Idaho and Intermountain news. Everyone in Idaho, Utah, Nevada, etc. please send your $3.00 to Dick Vandenburg, 2316 Regan Ave., Boise, Idaho 83702. The Idaho Chess Association is able to keep a small part of your subscription price as its share to help pay expenses. Also, be sure to send me all news of the area -- including Utah and surrounding states - as we want to get all the news in the N.C.L. and I will include all items in my column. This is very important.

At our annual business meeting in Nampa in December we will have to discuss the dues question to see if dues to the N.C.L. should be a part of our annual state dues. Personally, I feel this is the best approach and everyone should be thinking about the dues and membership question between now and the tournament. Many Nampa players aren't aware that their club was selected as host club for the tournament at the Idaho Open and I hope they will be able to handle the arrangements.

It has been a pleasure putting out these "Bulletins" for many years and I hope to continue our association through your subscription to the N.C.L. We'll see you all either at the State Tournament in December or at the 1969 Idaho Open, if not through another chess medium.

Dick Vandenburg, Editor


May 4-5, 1968 - Boise, Idaho

Class A
##Player, ResidenceRating12345ScoreSolk
1Sief Poulson, Salem1902W7D4D2W3W54-113½
2Gaston Chappuis, S.L.C.1956W8W5D1D4W64-112
3Glen Buckendorf, Buhl2004L5W8W6L1W43-2 
4Dick Vandenburg, Boise2038W6D1D5D2L32½-2½15½
5Eugene Cowan, Driggs1734W3L2D4W7L12½-2½15
6Lloyd Kimpton, Twin Falls1842L4W7L3WF8L22-311
7Jens Lund, Ogden----L1L6W8L5W92-3
8Dee Harris, Sugar City1714L2L3L7LF6WD0-4 
9Ezra Brumbach, Parma --------L70-1 

Buckendorf beat Vandenburg in the last round to take the state title! Cowan was a piece ahead of Poulson in Round 5 but tossed it away to lose the state championship.

Class B
##Player, Residence12345ScoreSolk
1George Rasor, BoiseW10W5W8W9D34½-½ 
2Fred Docekal, SLC, UTD3W14D9W8W64-1 
3Alan Taye, SLC, UTD2W6D7W5D13½-1½16
4Max Wennstrom, BoiseW7L8D6W11W93½-1½11
5Nick Skirmants, BoiseW13L1W11L3W83-2 
6Charles Metzelaar, SLC, UTW11L3D4W7L22½-2½15½
7Ralph James, CaldwellL4W12D3L6W102½-2½13½
8C.E. Harris, CaldwellW12W4L1L2L52-317
9Steve Shaw, NampaD14W13D2L1L42-313½
10Fred Wagner, BoiseL1L11W12W13L72-312
11Herman Myers, BoiseL6W10L5L4W142-311½
12Kenny James, Twin FallsL8L7L10W14W132-38
13Vic Waterman, NampaL5L9W14L10L121-4 
14Robert Spencer, NampaD9L2L13L12L11½-4½ 

Herman Myers was elected Idaho President for 1968 and Dick Vandenburg was elected Secretary/Treasurer.