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1967 Idaho Open
Boise, Idaho - May 6-7, 1967

Robert Mitchell, of Klamath Falls, Oregon, has won the 1967 Idaho Open, played in Boise over the May 6-7 weekend. It was Bob's 2nd try at the championship, having tied for 1st in 1966, but losing to Chappuis on tie break. Second place went to Dick Heilbut of Salt Lake City, who scored 4-1, ½ point behind Mitchell's 4½-½. Dick Vandenburg, of Boise and the winner two years ago, was third, 3½-1½, nosing out Twin Falls' Lloyd Kimpton who was 4th with the same score. Mike Murray, of Missoula, Montana and recent winner of the Inland Empire Open, was 5th, 3-2.

Mitchell opened up with wins against lower finishing opponents and in round three met Vandenburg, who also had two wins, one against state champion, Glen Buckendorf. Vandenburg blundered about move 15 and moved into the ranks of the also rans. Mitchell then beat Murray in round four to knock him from contention. In round 5, Heilbut, the highest ranked player at 2039, met Mitchell needing a win because of a draw in round one with Dennis Waterman of Portland. However, he never dented Mitchell's solid defense and finally offered a draw to end the game. The winner's consistent play makes him a hard man to beat and he should do well in the forthcoming Oregon Championship.

A seperate Class B section was won by Fred Docekal, of Salt Lake City, who also did well in 1966, placing 2nd. C.E. Harris, of Caldwell, Idaho was second. he won last year so this time saw a reverse of the 1966 finish. W.C. Jackson, of Glenns Ferry, scroed 4-1 too, but lost out on tie break and was 3rd. Vic Waterman won the Class C trophy.

The tournament had an excellent turnout from out of state with six from Orgon, five from Utah, and one from Montana. Dick Vandenburg directed. Play was USCF rated.

Class A Section
1Robert MitchellKlamath Falls, OR1895W9W16W3W5D2  
2Richard HeilbutSalt Lake City, UT2039D13W12W4W6D14  
3Dick VandenburgBoise2036W10W7L1W11D615 
4Lloyd KimptonTwin Falls1857D12W9L2W15W713 
5Mike MurrayMissoula, MT1947W8W11D6L1D10315 
6Gaston ChappuisSalt Lake City, UT1891W15W13D5L2D3314 
7Glen BuckendorfBuhl1883W18L3W8W13L4312 
8Scott CampbellWhite City, OR1774L5W17L7W12W11311½ 
9Richard CavinMedford, OR1694L1L4W17D14W1513 
10Jim MarmorSalt Lake City, UT1828L3W18L15W16D5 
11T.C. HartwellTwin Falls1865W17L5W16L3L8212½3
12David WhitePortland, OR1436D4L2D14L8W18212½
13Dennis WatermanPortland, OR1856D2L6W18L7D14212 
14Tim NettletonPortland, OR1884(NW)L16D15D12D9D132 
15Eugene CowanDriggs1689L6D14W10L4L913½ 
16C.C. McDanielSalt Lake City, UT1662W14L1L11L10D1712½ 
17Walter YoungBoise1587L11L8L9W18D169 
18George RasorBoise1601L7L10L13L17L120  

Class B Section
1Fred DocekalSalt Lake City, UT1791W4W2W5L3W7415 
2C.E. HarrisCaldwell1716W9L1W8W6W4412 
3W.C. JacksonGlenns Ferry1674W10L5W6W1W84 
4Nick SkirmantsBoise1637L1W9W7W5L2313 
5Max WennstromBoise1744W8W3L1L4WF10312½ 
6Roy S. ParkerNampa1630D7W10L3L2W9  
7Steve ShawNampa1774D6D8L4WF10L12  
8Vic WatermanNampa1594L5D7L2W9L3  
9Ezra BrumbachParma1487L2L4W10L8L61  
10H.J. MyersBoise1354L3L6L9LF7LF50