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November 25, 1966

Source: Idaho Chess Report, November 25, 1966

This news report will be an irregular feature from now on, paid by annual dues from corresponding members, which will be discussed again at the forthcoming state tournament in Twin Falls. For complete tournament results, etc., subscribe to the Northwest Chess Letter - F. Howard Weaver, 501 Olympic Place, Seattle, 98119.

Play in the Western Idaho Open at Boise YMCA, one day only December 4 (Sunday), four rounds. Register 8:30 am., play 9:30 am. Open to all, 100% USCF rated. Entry fee = $1.75, prizes to be figured later. One section of play. Time limit = 30 moves per hour. Clocks used where possible. Dick Vandenburg directs. Let's see a big crowd and make the tournament the fun event it usually is.

Coming Events

Western Idaho Open - Boise, December 4.

Idaho Closed - Twin Falls, February 11-12.

Idaho Open - Boise, May 13-14.

Tournament Results:

Old friends got together at Idaho State University on October 15 and played a little tournament. Kay Hart showed his usual form in winning it with a perfect score -- but had to make use of some tenacity to do so.

Both Mel Schubert and Eugene Cowan reached the end game against him two pawns up, but both fell before his end game play. Schubert, out of practice, blundered away his game vs. Cowan. newcomer, Mel Sacks, lost his tournament games but won many a game at five minute chess. Ernie Naftzger, of ISU, won a five game match from Ed Reed, a student. Ernie will try to get a club going at the school.

R.K. Hartxx1113-0
Eugene Cowan0xx112-1
Mel Schubert00xx11-2
Mel Sacks000xx0-3

The Boise Club went to Canyon County on November 10 and won over that club 5-3. Then C.C. came to Boise for the other half of the match on 11/23, but lost again, 3-4. That gave Boise the edge for the series, 9-6. The two clubs usually play exchange matches every year. Results 11/23 were (Boise name first) Wennstrom 0, Ellis 1; Vandenburg 1, Stanke 0; Skirmants 1, Harris 0; Rasor 0, Brumbach 1; Joslyn 0, King 1; Young 1, Parker 0; Cosho 1, Waterman 0. On 11/10 it went Vandenburg 1, Stanke 0; Wennstrom 0, Ellis 1; Rasor 1, Waterman 0; Skirmants 1, Brumbach 0; Shropshire 1, Harris 0; Hallock 1, King 0 Wright 0, Parker 1; and Wright 0, Anstey 1.


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