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Idaho Chess Bulletin

Editor Richard Vandenburg

Source: Northwest Chess Letter, November, 1966

Problem Corner

No. 4, by J. Savourin, courtesy of Isaac Kashdan

White to move and mate in three. Solution in issue after next.

Send solutions to: Dick Vandenburg, 2316 Regan Ave., Boise, Idaho 83702

This problem is a real cute one with the simplest position possible for this type of problem. Because of the nature of the problem, please give me Black's first possible moves and your answers.

With this issue we are changing our procedure a little. Our deadline has been the 18th of each month but in some locations the magazines don't arrive until almost that late. In fact, my issue didn't get to me until the 18th this month. (ed note I hope to do something about this.) So, we will publish the answer for each problem in the second issue after the problem is printed. The postmark deadline will be the 10th of the month after the issue month. For this November issue problem the deadline will be December 10. The answer to appear in the January issue. next month we will announce our prize system too. You have till November 10th to send in the answer to problem No. 3 which was in the October issue.