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Idaho Chess Bulletin

Editor Richard Vandenburg

Source: Northwest Chess Letter, October, 1966

Problem Corner

No. 3, by W.L. Barclay, courtesy of Isaac Kashdan

White to move and mate in 2. Solution next issue.

Send solutions to: Dick Vandenburg, 2316 Regan Ave., Boise, Idaho 83702

This two mover is what I would call a real gasser! You may get the answer quickly just because it's so unusual, but you might look at it for weeks and not make it. Good luck!

We had a couple of players that sent in answers to Problem No. 1 a little late, (but before the next issue came out) so we will give them proper credit. Horton Thompson (Washington) and Dennis Waterman (Oregon) were the two late arrivals. now we are set up on a regular schedule, you must have your answers postmarked by the 18th of the month of the issue.

I hope you had fun with No. 2. Those that sent in answers surely did. They were Horton Thompson, Roger Shannon, Zack Wester, Pat Herbers, Mel Horman, and Charles Joachim (all of Washington). What happened to Idaho, Oregon, etc.? Don't let your state down, send in answers to No. 3. Pete Terway, of Idaho will be back I am sure when his renewal gets under way. How about the rest of you? When you get teh answer, put it down on a card.

The answer to No. 2 for you unfortunates who missed it is:

1. P-Q4

If you need more help:

(if) 1...K-K8 2. NxP.; (if) 1...PxP e.p. 2. K-B3.; (if) 1...P-K6 2. N-Q3.


By Jerry Stanke

The annual winter chess tournament of the Canyon County Chess Club has been completed, and the trophies have been awarded. Winning the first place trophy was Jerry Stanke. Second place was captured by A.B. Ellis, while the third place trophy went to C.E. Harris, of Caldwell.

The tournament, a double round robin, is sponsored each year by the Nampa City Recreation Program. Competition this year was unusually keen. Many of the places were not decided until the last few games were played. Some of the young players in this tournament took part in the chess lessons sponsored by the club a year ago. They made a remarkable showing, causing a few upsets, and altering the pattern of the whole tournament.

Jim Matthews, a very brilliant young player, left Nampa after paying only four games. His games had to be cancelled.

Annual Winter Canyon County Chess Tournament

1Jerry Stankexx122½2222218½-3½
2A.B. Ellis1xx022122212217-5
3C.E. Harris02xx12121202215-7
4Roy S. Parker001xx12212214-8
5Jess King00½xx0½1222211½-10½
6E.T. Brumbach01112xx001211-11
7Francis McCormick000½2xx102210½-11½
8Steve Shaw0010121xx022110-12
9Paul Anstey½0000½22xx219½-12½
10Victor Waterman½1210100½xx028-14
11Kimmy Thinnes000000½002xx24½-17½
12Robert Spencer00000½01100xx2½-19½