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Idaho Chess Bulletin

Editor Richard Vandenburg

Chappuis Wins Open
Mitchell 2nd On Tie Break
Harris Tops "B" Class

Source: Northwest Chess Letter, July, 1966

Gaston Chappuis, of Salt Lake City, Utah, won the 1966 Idaho Open, played in the Boise, Idaho YMCA, May 21-22. Gaston replaces Idaho's Dick Vandenburg as defending champion. In this year's tournament, Vandenburg could only score two points and it is interesting that in last year's tournament, this year's winner, Chappuis, also scored only two points.

Second place went to Robert Mitchell, of Klamath Falls, Oregon, who matched Chappuis' 4-1 score but had fewer solkoff tie breaking points. Mitchell handed Chappuis his only loss.

Bert Germalm, of Blackfoot, Idaho, scored 3½-1½ to take third place. He had taken every Idaho tournament this year and was sailing along well until he left his queen in take against Chappuis - a blunder which he is sure not to forget for some time. He now returns to Connecticut after a tour of duty for his company at the atomic energy site near Idaho Falls.

Mike Murray, of Missoula, Montana, who recently placed 2nd in the Montana Open, played well in Idaho too and placed 4th. He lost to Chappuis and drew with Vandenburg and Germalm. Vandenburg had four straight draws until Germalm upended him in round 5.

A separate Class B section was won by C.E. Harris, of Caldwell, Idaho, with a 4½-½ score. Harris has scored consistently high in Idaho Class B tournaments and won this time over a strong field. Second place went to Fred Docekal, of Salt Lake City, who scored 4-1, losing to third place, Steve Shaw, of Nampa, Idaho. Shaw, a high school student, surprised everyone by winning over some of the best Class B players in the area and giving the rest a very hard time.

James Von Schmidt, of Twin Falls, Idaho, was the leader after three rounds, 3-0, but he lost his 4th game to Harris and had to forfeit the last round. Vic Waterman was the Class C winner.

Both sections were USCF rated and play was directed by Dick Vandenburg. Next year's tournament will be at the same site but will be moved up to the May 13-14 weekend.

Idaho Open
May 21-22, 1966

Class A Section
1Gaston ChappuisSalt Lake City, UTW9W4W3L2W6414
2Robert MitchellKlamath Falls, ORL4W10W6W1W5412
3Bert GermalmBlackfootW5W7L1D4W814
4Mike MurrayMissoula, MTW2L1D8D3W10313½
5Ray WheelerSparks, NVL3D8W7W9L213
6Eugene CowanDriggsD8W9L2W10L111
7Glen BuckendorfBuhlW10L3L5D8W99
8Dick VandenburgBoiseD6D5D4D7L3214
9Max WennstromBoiseL1L6W10L5L7111½
10William FloraMissoula, MTL7L2L9L6L4013

Class B Section
1C.E. HarrisCaldwellW13D10W7W4W311
2Fred DocekalSalt Lake City, UTW11L3W9W5W8411
3Steve ShawNampaW8W2L4W7L1317!
4James Von SchmidtTwin FallsW9W5W3L1LF312
5Spencer JoslynBoiseByeL4W13L2W9310½
6Vic WatermanNampaL10L7W11W13W123
7Nick SkirmantsBoiseD12W6L1L3W1012½
8W.B. BarrReno, NVL3D11W12W10L210
9Dick ShropshireBoiseL4W12L2W11L5212
10Ezra BrumbachParmaW6D1LFL8L712½
11George RasorBoiseL2D8L6L9WF1311½
12Cecil SpangenbergBoiseD7L9L8ByeL610
13Herman J. MyersBoiseL1ByeL5L6LF11110

Idaho players have voted to discontinue their 10 year old "Idaho Chess Bulletin" in favor of the larger, and more current, Northwest Chess Letter. With this issue, all Idaho subscriptions will be transferred to the N.C.L. and the balance in each account will be pro-rated to cover issues of the N.C.L. at the rate of 25¢ per issue.

The Idaho Chess Bulletin was being sent to approximately 125 subscribers, of which over 100 were in the "paid" category. The others were exchange issues or issues to various chess leaders throughout the U.S.

It is to be hoped that most of the Idaho subscribers will renew their memberships to the N.C.L. when they are due as that will be the only way they can keep up on current events in this area.

Dick Vandenburg, former Editor of the I.C.B., will act as Idaho regional news coordinator and will accumulate news items from the Idaho and Intermountain area and forward them to the N.C.L.

Former Idaho Chess Bulletin subscribers included a large contingent of Utah players plus many Nevada and other Intermountain enthusiasts. We are hopeful that most of these former I.C.B. subscribers will follow the Idaho players into the N.C.L. listing.

Idaho had one novel subscription method that might be of interest to other Northwest players and officials. The I.C.B. subscription rate was $1.00 per year but we made the rate 75¢ per year to any club that subscribed for 100% of its membership. We found that many players won't make the effort to subscribe to a chess magazine, and will thereby miss the news and won't be as interested in the game, so we let the clubs subscribe for their members and take the subscription money out of the club treasury. This plan worked very well and every club member in the state received regular issues of the I.C.B. Without this plan, it is doubtful that over ½ would have subscribed on their own. -- We are glad to join with the N.C.L. and are hopeful our former subscribers will follow in large numbers!

With each issue of the Idaho Chess Bulletin we had a problem corner and many of our subscribers worked on these and sent in answers. The problems were picked from many submitted to us by Isaac Kashdan, of Los Angeles, and were chosen because they were of special interest and easy enough for the majority of our players to solve. We would like to try a problem here and see what response we get from N.C.L. subscribers. If it seems worthwhile, we will continue the Problem Corner and try to come up with some kind of annual prize system for those sending in solutions. For the present, we will figure on one problem for each two N.C.L. issues and we will use the same printing style as before until Buz Eddy and his crew can provide us with one more in keeping with the N.C.L. format.

Problem Corner

No. 1, by B. Pettersson, courtesy of Isaac Kashdan.

White to move and mate in 2. Solution in issue after next.

Send solutions to: Dick Vandenburg, 2316 Regan Ave., Boise, Idaho 83702

We will start out with an easy one this time. With so few pieces on the board and only two moves to mate we should have a lot of solvers. Don't be bashful, solving these problems is fun, and educational too. Work it out and drop me a card at the above address with the 1st move.